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Unplugged from the Matrix (a poem)

Unplugged from the MatrixIn my last post, I talked about our desert experience with God. Some Christian mystics call it “the dark night of the soul”. Here’s a poem about what the beginning of that experience may look like for you:


He was quite respectful
And played by the rules.
He honored as wisdom
The prattling of fools.

Their message was solemn –
It sounded like faith,
But smelled like religion,
And tasted like death.

Are you waiting for God, or is God is waiting for you?

Matrix blue pill red pill

In Christian culture, we like saying stuff like “Let’s seek God”. I am not sure what that means. Should we check under the pews, maybe? Perhaps he’s hiding there. I didn’t know that God’s plan included a few rounds of hide-and-seek.

Or how about this – “we are waiting for you, God”. Waiting for what exactly? God showed up 2000 years ago on the cross of Calvary. I think we got our turns confused on the chessboard of life. It’s not us who are waiting on God. It’s God who is waiting on us.

We all want to see miracles from God. I think God is waiting to see some miracles from us. And the biggest miracle, perhaps, would be transforming our church subcultures from keeping us stuck in the mentality of sin-conscious pew warmers and instead treating us as entering into the ever-increasing glory of sons and daughters of the Most High God, walking in his majesty and splendor, and manifesting his love and power all across their cities, regions, countries, and the whole world.


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