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Conversion into Christ – a life-changing experience

christ-in-meTrue “conversion” is not the same as joining a church, believing certain things to be true or false, and having strong opinions on political affiliations, sexuality, and reproduction. If those things are the totality of one’s religious experience, that’s much more indicative of tribal indoctrination than of any kind of meaningful “conversion”. No offense – I am just plainly saying what many of us are too afraid to say or even think outloud. I am not trying to convince any of you, that’s simply what I’ve come to.

You see, that kind of “Sunday morning all-smiles Christianity” does not excite or interest me much anymore. My firm belief is that when one is willing to “take the red pill” and think beyond these culturally acceptable labels and descriptions which don’t even begin to penetrate the reality, and see beyond these shallow categories into which we try to pigeonhole God and his Kingdom, there’s a much deeper and much more meaningful experience that can be entered into. And that’s what I am after.

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