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Mistaken Identity: the Bride of Christ vs. the whore of Babylon

Mistaken Identity: Bride of Christ or Whore of Babylon

The whore of Babylon is a mindset, an ideology of man-made religion. It’s an ideology that holds many captive. I took artistic liberties to describe how I perceive it within the Biblical framework (mainly Rev. 17, 18). This is not an expose or criticism of any organization, or group of people.

However, this mindset can be expressed both individually and institutionally. Therefore, I won’t say that any resemblance to existing religious ideologiesĀ is purely coincidental. Most likely, it is not. If the shoe fits – wear it. (Of course, that goes for me too.)

The whore of Babylon is beyond redemption, but she always masquerades as the bride of Christ. Seductive and sultry, she’s spread out on her luxurious linens, singing the siren songs of passivity, complacency, and either sin-tolerance, or sin-management for those with sensitive consciences. It’sĀ her religious lovers who crucified my Lord Jesus Christ.


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