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Not a changed life, but an exchanged life: a parable

Christ in me

In a certain society, Johnny robbed and brutally killed an old lady (a la “Crime and Punishment” by Dostoevsky). A most heinous, brutal crime. According to the law of the land, he should be hanged for this. But his 13-year-old nephew Billy (a fully responsible young boy in that society), as sweet and innocent a boy as they come in that age, asks the judge to allow him to take Johnny’s place. An unusual request, to be sure, but the one that was eventually granted and carried out.

It so happens that on the third day after the execution, Billy suddenly comes back to life. Not only that, but his new life essence makes him immortal. Not only that, his body becomes immune to any disease or damage. Sort of like a superhero, with one exception – he doesn’t hold his powers only to himself. Billy has now the power to impart his amazing new life essence to anyone, for the asking.

As Billy explained, the offer, at its core, is this. When you want to have the life essence of Billy, your life essence is taken out from you, and you experience an instantaneous clinical death. However, the life essence of Billy is immediately placed within you, and you are back to life before you know what happened. Now the center of your being shifts from your physical body to the newly acquired life essence, and your new identity becomes that of Billy.

Intro to believer’s identity in Christ. Lesson notes.


Lesson notes


Here’s a tag cloud from a blog that I shall leave unnamed.

Christian blog tag cloud.

Christian blog tag cloud. What is missing from this picture?

What is missing from this picture? (Answer: …).

Scriptures – they have a reflective function. They serve to reflect the Word of God, which is summed up in Jesus. You can destroy your copy of the Bible, but you can’t destroy God’s Word.

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