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Entropy (a.k.a. sin)


A man was not created to die.  However, through Adam sin (NOT sins plural, but sin singular) entered the world.  Through sin entered death.

God stated the man’s problem from that point on like that “to-die you-shall-die” in Hebrew (usually translated “you shall surely die”, which misses the point: death is both a process and a final destination).  So sinis the force that drives the process of destruction, corruption – i.e., death as a process, which leads to death as a finality.


Irreducible nature of born-again experience


To better understand the nature of what we commonly refer to as “salvation” (when we mean “new birth”, or “being born again”), I suggest we look at the entirety of what it entails.

Normally when we use the word salvation loosely in that sense, we refer to it as a “thing” rather than a transformative series of events changed 1) the essence of who we are, and 2) the covenant basis of how God relates to us.

To give you an example – we commonly use expressions like “losing salvation” to refer to the concept of a born-again believer the returning to his or her previous, unsaved, state of being. If we view a salvation as a thing, then we are justified to refer to that concept as “losing salvation”. An implication of this, then, is that salvation is a “thing” that we “found” (since we can “lose” it). Sort of like finding a penny – we find it, pick it up, put it in the pocket, the pocket has a hole, so we lose it.


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