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Sudoku Scriptures

sudoku The Scriptures have been penned by 40 different authors in a time span of over 1,500 years. I believe that it was God who gave understanding and inspiration to those 40 individuals write a record of God’s dealings with humanity, in their historic context, as well as forecast future events and God’s plans and intentions in those as well. What then naturally follows from this perspective is that the Scriptures present an integrated, coherent message, united by an authorial intent and vision that transcends time and space limitations.

You shouldn’t find any “oops, I didn’t see that coming, let’s backtrack and try a different theory” type of issues here. Given the “omni-” characteristics of God (omniscience, omnipotence, omnipresence), the Biblical message should be quite focused, consequential, and straightforward. Yet many of us have different degrees of difficulty both grasping the meaning of the text, and seeing how different pieces of the message fit together to form a coherent, logically sequenced whole.

If you haven’t tried playing Sudoku, you should give it a try. At first you will get frustrated, then if you persist you will get to really like it.

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