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First off, thank you for your interest in this blog and for taking your time to post your feedback! If you decide to post a comment on one of the posts – here are a few general guidelines that I find useful in working with comments:

  • Please don’t hesitate to bring your brain along, and your sense of humor.
  • Keep it clean. Let’s not lower our standards even for the sake of something witty and fun.
  • Keep it friendly. If you feel like you just have it in your system today to attack, condemn, or hate somebody, or beat someone with the Bible, or with the “Origin of Species”, take it somewhere else!
  • Keep it cool. You don’t have to agree with what’s written here, but please state your reasons. Emotion, however strong, is really not a good justification for anything.
  • Keep it civil. State your position, and if we can’t find common ground on the subject within one or two exchanges, let’s both move on to bigger and better things. We might have more in common on the next one.
  • Keep it brief (300 words or less). If you are in the habit of replying with really long essays, you might want to consider starting your own blog. You get can one free at wordpress.com.

Let’s be accepting and friendly to one another, we can think together, and have fun along the way!

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