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jediI really like the Jedi. To me, they are a very good representation of what I want to mature into with God. Put Jesus Christ and his power in place of Jedi’s concept of force, and we have here a great metaphor for a holistic teaching that captivates the heart, uses the mind, works with great power, guides you on the path of righteousness, preserves you in your holiness, and keeps you away from pride, greed, lust, and just about any other sin.

Here are the reasons why they way of the Jedi captures my heart:

  • They are persons of honor. They don’t have a moral code that they adhere to in a slovenly fashion. They have an honor code that they are trained to follow as a matter of heart conviction, no matter the cost.
  • They are persons of principles. They have certain principles that are sacred to them. They don’t simply teach them – they live by them, and die by them. They aren’t respecters of others, and they don’t give away their allegiance to the highest bidder.
  • They are persons of wisdom. To become a Jedi, you have to choose transcendent over the temporal, sound representative governance interests over narrow private agendas, peace over war, humility over pride, abstinence over indulgence, and ultimately – spirit over flesh.
  • They are persons of power. They know how to tune in to the force, and use it to accomplish things that are impossible for mere mortals. They always find news ways to connect to and leverage the force.
  • They are explorers and pioneers. They constantly search for better ways to tune in to the universe through the force. They always innovate, always look for better ways to harness the force to serve the humanity.
  • They are persons of love. Their love is not a matter of sensual emotion, but of commitment and sacrifice. Their service is the expression of that love.
  • They are persons of courage. They do not fear death. They put their mind, soul, and strength where their hearts are. If they are wary of anything – it’s to lose honor, wisdom, power, innovation, love, and their connection with the force. Those things are what they avoid at all costs.

I am not saying that the Star Wars movies are the Gospel. What I am saying that as far as popular cinematic metaphors go, this one hits surprisingly close to the essence of the Gospel without expressly being one. And by the way – I do hope one day Christian cinematographers come up with something just as captivating while being expressly Jesus-focused. I really want to like movies like “God’s not Dead”, but my viewing experience of that one was similar to watching a butcher performing brain surgery.

Anyway, I just like the way of the Jedi. They give a great analogy to what the way of following Jesus is all about.


Comments on: "The way of the Jedi and the Gospel of Jesus Christ" (2)

  1. Good analogy! The only place where it breaks down (all analogies break down somewhere) is that our “dark side” enemy is not flesh and blood. Our light sabers are invisible. 🙂

    Btw, I agree with you on God’s Not Dead movies. Only the indoctrinated would buy that stuff. Pretty hokey and poorly produced.

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    • Thank you Mel! I am glad I am not the only one who had issues with the artistic value of God in not Dead. Yes, the dark side appears to also have a personification in real life. And just like it is with Jesus, it is looking for a matching light / darkness within us to resonate with.

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