Let My People Think

For God so loved the worldThe kind of love which stands above division, judgment, and offense is usually fairly difficult to cultivate and practice. When it becomes our heart culture, however, it has a very real potential to open people up to what we have to say. Then we can usher those we thus love into the very presence of Jesus, so that he can do through us for them what no educational or correctional institution can. But we can get to that point only when we begin with unconditional love and acceptance on the most fundamental human level, before anything else can be offered.

Am I there? Not quite yet, but I know that I am on my way there. I also experientially know that place of judgmentalism and misplaced pride which is the polar opposite of agape-love. That’s a place to which I have absolutely no intention of ever regressing to.

We love playing it safe and talking in generalities. But what if we allow ourselves to get more specific with more general statements such as “God so loved the world”? What would that look like? The poem below attempts to unpack that Scriptural verse within the context of years 2016-2017.

It will either challenge you (it challenges me, and I wrote it), or it will upset or even anger you, and your mind will begin searching for reasons to justify that anger. You get to choose how to respond to this proposal in your heart.


God loves feminists, liberal activists,
Gays and lesbians, televangelists,
Law firm partners, Marxist economists,
Politicians, gossip columnists,

New Age gurus, environmentalists,
Hip-hop artists, Youtubers, and mentalists,
Vegetarians, yoga practitioners,
Troubled teens and police commissioners,

Trial lawyers and Hollywood actors,
Jewish donors and benefactors,
Unrepublicans and conservatives,
All alternatives and unnormatives,

Mormons, atheists, immigrant Muslims,
Scientologists, Christian Scientists,
Oprah, Osteen and charismatics,
Unrepentants and too-ecstatics.

Don’t grow bitter amidst this diversity.
Love stands tall over any adversity.
And instead of just sulking angrily
Be like Jesus and offer them family.


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