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Created in God’s image

According to Maslow’s theory, this hierarchy reflects our needs and longings as humans. You might ask: where is God in here? The answer is that he’s all throughout all of this. This is who we are as humans. This is a reflected image of God:

Abraham Maslow's Hierarchy of Human Needs

God created us in his image. Then we decided to return the favor. What is your image of God?

Is he the God who cares about your safety and security (level 2), or is he someone with an itchy trigger finger ready to cast you into an eternal torture chamber at you slightest misstep?

Is he the God of unconditional love and acceptance (level 3), or do you often feel rejected by God? Loss of fellowship, backsliding, falling away – whatever your preferred religious label.

Does your God afford you respect and seeks to show you your eternal created value (level 4), equal to that of Jesus? Or does it tell you that you an unworthy worm, and he is disgusted with you? Do you feel ashamed of who you essentially are?

Do you think God wants you to get in touch with and realize your highest God-given potential, for the highest good of all (level 5), or do you think God is so insecure that he wants to keep you oppressed just so that he can feel better about himself?

You will invariably model the behavior of the God of your perception. Your life will show for it. We become the God we serve. Anything in your picture of God that doesn’t match Jesus, who is the perfect image of God, is an empty religious idol that must be cast down from its lofty pedestal, so that the image of real God can be legitimately installed in the freed-up space.

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