Let My People Think


I don’t see a a deep personal trust in Jesus, in both its relational (as to who he is) and propositional (as to what he offers) aspects to be in any way opposed to reason, or to science. In fact, I see those as complementary – if you want to study the design, why not befriend the Designer? That would be conductive to a much better learning experience.

I do believe that the person of Jesus and the teachings of the Scriptures, when properly understood and applied, are very relevant to our everyday life, and can unlock achievement and excellence in anything we apply ourselves to.

Our personal trust in God and in Jesus enables us to get solid guidance in our daily decisions, whether in relating to others, dating, parenting, raising children, conflict resolution, character building, personal and business integrity, ethics, philosophy, abstract thinking, developing systemic and architectural mindsets, business, entrepreneurship, finances, politics, employment, career development, and everything in between.

There’s also another dimension to life – that of spiritual realities that can’t be perceived with physical senses. That is often referred to as “the heaven” in the Scriptures, and it’s not to be confused with the stratospheric “sky”, or with medieval notions of cotton candy-like clouds adorned by harp-playing angels. (Well, to be sure, by that time cannabis was well-known in Europe for its euphoria-inducing properties. On a personal note, I am disappointed that pink unicorns prancing around blueberry fields didn’t make it into the picture).

The spiritual dimension is God’s domain, and yours – if you are included in Christ through your personal trust in him. The way to engage with that dimension is this:

  1. to learn how it works from the its Architect and Designer
  2. to start operating by the learnt principles
  3. to get progressively better results with experience and lean on dimension more and more in your daily life.

There’s a renewed interest in the spiritual in today’s Western world. Various teachers offer various perspectives. Unfortunately, the way Christianity has presented God’s message up to this point has been all too often an eclectic concoction of varying amounts of truths mixed in with sizable amounts of poorly conceived, simplistic, disjointed, mutually contradictory and even mythological propositions that any logical thinker’s reason would simply scream against.

The immediate temptation is to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Instead, what we need to do is rid our individual and collective thinking of that which is untrue, and let that which is true wow, charm, and captivate on it own power, grace, and beauty.

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